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Yilhak Abebe


Major: Petroleum Engineering

Yilhak believes that every opportunity and challenge is a chance to grow if you are open to learning from it. The inclusion of competition and promotion is an incentive for him to strive for his best of capabilities by working hard and working smart. Expecting to graduate on May 2019, Yilhak has already taken hold of some of the many opportunities related to his petroleum engineering study at the University of Houston ranging from academia to leadership such as research fellowship, scholarship, teaching assistant, honor society, and Energy Coalition. Yilhak aims to continue with his current path to aid his future goal of being a UH Alumni with an executive position in an Energy Company.

Yilhak is in awe of UH’s growth, part of which is seeing its students excel and receive different individual and group awards competing with the nation’s universities. Inspired by Dr. Renu Khator’s UH Energy Initiative, Yilhak is dedicated to working with his student leader colleagues within the Energy Coalition to make UH The Energy University of The Energy Capital of The World.

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