Meet the 2020 - 2021

Executive Board

Makpal Sariyeva


Hina Akbar

Vice Chair

Shivani Patel

Vice Chair Finance

Myles Hampton Arvie

Vice Chair Corporate Relations

Jennifer Gray

Vice Chair Alumni Relations

Neha Bhat

Vice Chair Technology

Riham Abdulhalim

Vice Chair Marketing

Jad Moghnieh

Vice Chair Design

Zouheir Obeid

Vice Chair Operations

Ashley Jimenez

Co-Vice Chair Student Organization Relations

Kai Loh

Co-Vice Chair Student Organization Relations

Rhea Saxena

Vice Chair General Events Program Manager

Sandra Tzul

Vice Chair Education

Arshi Ali

Vice Chair Business Competition and Symposium





124 E. Cullen Building, Room 124A-B
Houston, TX 77204-2040

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