About Our 2017-2018 Team

The People Behind The Energy Coalition

Get to know the amazing people behind The Energy Coalition. Behind every successful organization, there’s a group of talented people committed to success. Read all about our team below, and get in touch with questions.

Yilhak Abebe


Julian Chenin

Vice Chair

Mariam Malik

Vice Chair Operations

Said Zanati

Vice Chair Corporate Relations

Marco Avendaño

Vice Chair Business Competition

Kamalpreet Kauer

Vice Chair General Events - Project Manager

Celine Ho

Vice Chair General Events - Professional Development

Yovani Trujillo

Vice Chair Student Org Relations - Project Manager

Christian Beduya

Vice Chair Marketing

Nilay Prajapati


Anisha Deka

Vice Chair Communications

Quinn Edgecombe

Vice Chair Design

Patricia Martinez

Vice Chair Media Outreach

Franklin Perez

Vice Chair Finance

Omid Abaei

Vice Chair Community Outreach

Elizabeth Knuppel

Vice Chair Symposium Project Manager





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