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In 2015, Phillip Jefferson, now a UH Alumnus, noticed common thread across multiple disciplines of study and campus activities at the University of Houston - Energy. He noticed that many different organizations, regardless of major, were holding events with energy companies, hosting case study competitions about the energy transition, and leading energy conversations across the campus. So, he created the Energy Coalition.


"When people think of energy, they think of turning on lights and this and that. But it brings people out of poverty, it extends life expectancy, it gives people access to education and healthcare"

Phillip Jefferson

Our Mission

We are the Energy Coalition. The University of Houston has several Colleges that excel Individually, but rarely do Colleges communicate and collaborate with one another. WE are that solution. As the Energy Coalition, we are the first collaborative environment that fosters multidisciplinary communication and collaborations amongst various colleges and organizations. We are the Largest student organization on campus  with over 5,000 members campus wide. With over 34 student organizations being a part of the coalition, we are a one-stop-outlet to a wide variety of multidisciplinary opinions.


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee presenting Phillip Jefferson, Stephen Greenlee, and Dr. Radhakrishnan with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition.

Official Certificate of Congressional Recognition from The United States House of Representatives.

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