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Mohammed Baban

Vice Chair Media Outreach

Major: Petroleum Engineering

Mohammed is a senior petroleum engineering student, set to graduate May of 2019.  He served as Vice-Chairman of Communication for the Energy Coalition throughout the Spring 2018 semester at the University of Houston. During his tenure in this position, he obtained a deeper understanding of the duties and demands required of someone serving in a leadership role, as well as the necessity of effective intra- and inter-party communication to achieve a common goal more efficiently. Currently, he is serving as Vice Chairman of Media Outreach for Energy Coalition. He wants to utilize the knowledge and skills he has obtained to improve the energy industry's relationship with both the public and the environment. Given the current cultural climate, it is evident that the industry must address our environmental footprint in order to ensure a positive relationship with consumers going forward. As a professional, he will see that the energy industry remains a key player in the energy market by aiding in the creation of more environmentally safe processes and technologies.

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