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Anisha Deka

Vice Chair Communications

Major: Petroleum Engineering

Anisha Deka is a second year petroleum engineering graduate student from the University of Houston, expecting to graduate in May 2018. She has earned her Bachelor’s degree from Birla Institute of Science and Technology (BITS) Pilani, one of the most acclaimed engineering institutions in India. Apart from the Energy Coalition, she is also a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and Society of Women Engineers (SWE). 
Energy is a vital part of everyday life for all of mankind; be it a farmer in a desolate village or a multi-billion dollar company. But with the escalating price trends for resources- oil and gas in particular, and judging the importance and risks of its unavailability, she feels that the need of the hour is to start looking at and tapping into various unconventional oil reserves like shale oil, oil sands, tar sands, etc.; to other enhanced oil recovery techniques; and the renewable sources of energy.  She aspires to be a part of the Energy industry; to develop optimized processes for extraction that is both sustainable to meet the growing energy needs and is cleaner, so that it minimizes the negative impact on the environment, and to make a significant contribution to meeting the world energy needs. She currently holds the position of Vice Chair of Communications within the Energy Coalition. She has many hobbies but to name a few, she like to dance, sketch in her free time.

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