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Raul Paz

Vice Chair Operations

Masters: Statistics and Data Science


Raul Paz is a Masters student in Statistics and Data Science graduating in August 2020. Raul received his Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Houston in May 2019. Raul has maintained various officer positions, across multiple organizations, and has been an officer for the Energy Coalition since August 2018. Raul has had multiple years of experience as a lead teaching assistant, organizational officer, and energy industry employee. He aims to make connections and absorb as much knowledge from others, as well as use his knowledge to help others. Raul enjoys being challenged and will work hard at the task at hand. 

Raul has a family that had been involved with energy industry for 3 generations and has a current career goal to get field experience in the oil and gas industry in order to provide a strong foundation for his growing career. A career that will revolve around Houston and he will help his city in whichever way he can. The Energy Coalition aims to maintain a strong connection with the growing energy industry in Houston to Houston's biggest University.

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