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Raphael Hey

Vice Chair Student Organization Relations

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Raphael Hey is a senior in Mechanical Engineering and is expecting to graduate with honors in May 2019. He would describe himself as very outgoing and interested in learning from the experience of others. Prior to joining the EC, he has worked as working as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Mechanical Design, and lead technician in the undergraduate 3D printing lab. Over the past semester, he built a 3D printer for eNABLE and trained the organization’s students in the operation of the machine to support low-cost in-house 3D printing, and facilitate the delivery of more prosthetic hands to recipients. For his senior design project, he is building a scaled down F1 racing car and participating in the Formula SAE competition.

Rapha is eager to honor his position as vice chair of student organization relations, and to perpetuate the Energy Coalition’s goal of connecting UH students to the energy industry. He is excited to form strong ties with current and new energy-related student organizations, and to work as a bridge between the EC and member organizations. In his free time, Rapha tinkers with tools and 3D modeling software, and enjoys learning about all technically sophisticated topics including the technological diversity in the energy industry.

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