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Franklin Perez

Vice Chair Finance

Major: Finance

Franklin Perez is an undergraduate at the University Of Houston C.T.  Bauer College of Business where he has made the Dean’s List.  He is planning to graduate in the summer of 2018 pursuing a degree in Finance with a concentration in Global Energy Management.  Franklin is currently serving as the Vice Chair of Finance for the Energy Coalition.  He is excited to add his business leadership experience to take to new heights the legacy of success his predecessors created for all of the Energy Coalition’s members and stakeholders.  He is also a member of the Student Energy Association serving as the VP of Corporate Relations.  Franklin derives his discipline and commitment to goals from being a champion fitness competitor.  He enjoys golf, traveling and spending time with family and friends.  His goal is to integrate new skills developed through his education and current business experience.  Franklin’s professional interests are in commercial energy, marketing, business development and financial markets.  He plans to help foster the success of others in the exciting and challenging global business environment.  Franklin is grateful to the University of Houston for the many opportunities and rich experiences.

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