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Dhwani Lad

Vice Chair Symposium

Major: Chemical Engineering

Dhwani Lad is a pursuing a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics expecting to graduate May 2019. She is currently a member of the American Chemical Society and AIChE and will be serving as the Vice Chair for Symposium in The Energy Coalition this year. Previously, Dhwani served as a member of the 2016 Regional Meeting Committee for ACS. She was also part of the ACS demo team sharing her passion for chemistry with younger students and getting them interested in STEM. As a volunteer chemistry tutor, she is committed to giving back and helping other students succeed. 

Dhwani has worked an internship with GEO Specialty Chemicals in their Glycine production unit as a process engineering intern. She spent her Fall 2017 semester completing a co-op with LyondellBasell where she worked at a Polymers plant in Victoria TX as a process engineering co-op. This past summer, she joined the LyondellBasell Channelview site as a production engineering intern in the Alkylation unit and as a member of the Hydrocarbons Technical Team. Through her work experience, she has learned about plant operations and process optimization. She plans on working in the industry after graduating and pursuing a Master’s degree after a few years. She is grateful for an opportunity to serve on the Board and hopes to make a lasting impact in energy. 

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