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Maryam Amini

Vice Chair of Operations

Master of Finance

Hello everyone, I'm Maryam, a Master of Finance student at the University of Houston's Bauer College. I grew up in Iran, a country rich in oil and gas resources. This inspired my interest in energy topics. As an international student who recently immigrated to the USA, I'm excited to focus my finance studies on the energy industry.

My background is in industrial engineering and supply chain management. I've always loved finance, so I became a trend analyst in Iran. When I arrived in Houston, I knew I wanted to pursue finance and energy, so I joined Bauer's Master of Finance program. My focus is on energy finance and consulting.

Since starting at Bauer, I've actively pursued energy-related experiences. I competed in the ConocoPhillips Experiential Learning Competition, working on solar panel supply chains. My team won 1st place! I'm now working on the DOE's Innovation Project. I was also recently selected for the TEX-E Fellowship, where I'll work with Greentown Labs and MIT.

Outside of energy topics, I love running, eating sushi, and learning about renewable resources. I also serve as the Vice Chair of Operations for the University of Houston Energy Coalition. I'm excited to connect with all of you who share my passion for energy.

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