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The UH Energy Coalition Alumni Advisory Board Constitution


We the energy professionals, for the purposes deemed wise and good, hereinafter set forth that this organization is hereby established submitting itself to be by and dedicating itself to uphold the following constitution.


Section 1 – The name of this organization shall be the ENERGY COALITION ALUMNI BOARD.


Section 1 – It shall be the primary purpose(s) of this organization to:

  1. Serve to strengthen the connection between UH alumni community working in the Energy sector and their connection with Energy Coalition members.

  2. Supplement the knowledge, networks, and professional development of all member organization students.

  3. Enforce institutional continuity for the purposes of aligned goals and processes.

  4. Promote UH brand image through quality events.

Section 2 – Additional purposes shall include but are not limited to:

  1. To uphold the C.T. Bauer College of Business Code of Ethics.

  2. To uphold the reputation of C.T. Bauer College of Business and our status as a Tier One university.


Section 1- Membership decisions shall not be made based on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

Section 2- This organization will not initiate, participate in, or be witness to any act that inflicts physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location., intent, or consent of participants.

Section 2- Regular membership shall consist of UH alumni who have agreed to uphold this constitution and to participate fully in the activities of this organization by appending their signatures to this document. Acceptance will be finalized with a written agreement that the new board member pledges to uphold this constitution.

A. In order to sustain the quality and effectiveness of the Energy Alumni Board, new officers must be appointed by 2/3 majority vote from the current officer team and the sponsoring faculty advisor.

a. Should future officers decide to abolish this clause; all officers must unanimously decide to open the officer appointments to a majority vote by Energy Alumni Board members. 


Section 1- The 5 officers of this organization shall consist a combination of the following positions:

A. General Staff: 

a. Chair, Energy Alumni Board

b. 4 board advisors

Section 2 - The responsibilities of the coalition chair shall be as follows:

A. Moderate all meetings and discussions

B. Direct the efforts of the board and coalition

C. Report on faculty and UH Energy as necessary

D. Serve as tie breaker in the case of split board and coalition voting outcomes

E. Delegate chair responsibilities when deemed appropriate

F. Train and inform succeeding officers of their responsibilities to the Energy Coalition, University administration, and UH Energy

Section 3- The responsibilities of the Board Advisors shall be as follows:

A. To assist the Chair in his/her duties

B. Assume all chair responsibilities in chair's absence

C. Serve as administrative conduit to UH

D. Ensure that each event deemed worthy of coverage received appropriate media attention

A. Accomplish media goals set by the board

B. Maintain open communication lines and relationships with established media institutions


Section 1- Candidates for any office of this organization must be UH Energy Coalition Alumni, thus being alumni of the University of Houston

Section 2 - Candidates for any office shall be unanimously appointed by the board and the sponsoring faculty

Section 3 - Appointment of the officers shall take place at a meeting of this organization called for that purpose to occur within the last thirty days of the current academic year (or special circumstance meeting), with term of office lasting one year in any one officer position.

Section 4 - Appointment of officers shall be by a unanimous vote by the officer team and the sponsoring faculty 

Section 5 - Officers may be re-appointed with the limitation of two consecutive years in office


Section 1- Any officer may be removed by a majority vote of the officer board after a mediated discussion with the coalition board and designated faculty

Section 2 - In the case of a tie, the Faculty /Staff Advisor shall cast the deciding vote

Section 3 - A vacancy of any office shall be filled by Chair appointment, subject to the approval by the coalition board and the sponsoring professor


Section 1- Meetings of this organization shall be no less than once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters, the general day and hour to be set by the board at the first meeting of the semester

Section 2 - Special meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Chair upon the request of any voting members of this organization

Section 3 - The Chair shall have the authority to modify the meeting calendar as benefits a majority of the schedules of voting members of this organization


Section 1 - This organization shall use Robert's Rule of Order current edition as its authority of parliamentary procedure

Section 2 - Quorum (minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly necessary to conduct the business of that group)

A. 2/3 of the officer board shall constitute a quorum

B. No business shall be conducted without the presence of a quorum unless all staff and line functions are represented

Section 3 - Business shall be decided by majority vote after logical discussion and input from the officer board

Section 4 - All references to voting or approval of the membership of this organization refers to voting membership except where specified 

Section 5 - An individual officer Section 5—An individual officer under short time constraints, if unable to reach the majority members of the officer board in time, has the autonomy to make informed decisions within their power with logical reason. Said officer will notify the entire I would like to update you that I was due to return tomorrow. However, one of my student travel documents which was in my lost luggage will be replaced by early next week.


Section 1 - One or more voting members of this organization's officer board may author anamendment to this constitution.

Section 2 - The amendment shall be submitted in writing to the whole Officer Board for review and recommendation concerning legality, punctuation, placement, and word order.

Section 3 - The Officer Board shall present the amendment at the next meeting of this organization, a copy of the amendment being given to each voting membership (refers to voting member) of this organization. This shall constitute a first reading.

Section 4 - At the next meeting following the acceptance of an amendment, updated copies of this constitution shall be given to each voting member.


Section 1 - The Energy Alumni Chair reserves the right to enact executive orders during Executive Board Meetings which must be followed/upheld by the entire Executive Board

Section 2 - Executive orders include, but are not limited to, Board member removal, legislative changes, Board action/inaction, and Organization membership removal/additions.

Section 3 - Executive Orders are effective immediately upon The Executive Board Chair's request.

Section 4 - Executive Orders may be overruled by a 3/4 majority vote by executive board

Section 5 - Overuling votes must take place during the meeting in which the Executive Order is proposed


Students and Student Organizations are prohibited from initiating, participating in, or being witness to hazing activity. Hazing is antithetical to the University's commitment to a positive traditional environment. Participation in hazing activities is against the law. Violation of the University's hazing policy, whether on or off-campus, may subject participants, including students and organizations, to arrest, prosecution and/or disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion of students and the revocation of an organization's registration and/or recognition at the University. Consent to or acquiescence in hazing activity is not a defense. The university strictly prohibits participation in Hazing activities by any party, regardless of the existence of consent. Hazing activities do not contribute to the positive development or welfare of students. The University of Houston recognizes the act of hazing as illegal, irresponsible, intolerable and inconsistent with the principles of higher education and basic human development. For more information on the University's Hazing Policy please visit the Student Life Policies section of the University of Houston student Handbook.


As a registered student organization at the University of Houston we adhere to the University of Houston's Non-Discriminatory Policy. The University of Houston is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity institution. The university provides equal treatment and opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, genetic information, disability, or veteran status except where such distinction is required by law. Additionally, the system prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 21st 2023.

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