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Yovani Trujillo

Vice Chair Student Org Relations - Project Manager

Major: Finance

Patricia Martinez is an undergraduate student at the University of Houston pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Marketing. She currently serves as Vice Chair of Media Outreach for the Energy Coalition.  Patricia is also a sales student in the Program for Excellence in Selling and a member of the Finance Association.  Her future goals include entering the commercial banking industry and starting a non-profit organization of her own in her native country.Yovani's career goals are to work in design or plant operations and eventually hold an executive position so that he can make a larger impact in energy and the direction it should take. He hopes to eventually retire and become a professor for the next generation of scientists and engineers so that they can tackle the energy and engineering related challenges. He is a first generation college student and would like to provide opportunities and guidance through his position with The Energy Coalition for incoming students who will face the same challenges that he has.

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