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Candace Qamer

Vice Chair Operations

Major: Supply Chain Management

Minor: Energy & Sustainability

Candace Qamer is currently a Senior at the University of Houston, graduating in May 2023 with a BBA in Supply Chain Management from Bauer College and a minor in Energy and Sustainability through the Honors College. As a nontraditional student, Candace came to UH with 12 years experience in Revenue Cycle Management in the Healthcare Industry. However, through her education and exposure to UH Energy, she has become excited about shifting into the Energy Industry, hoping to attain positions that align with clean and sustainable energy supply. Candace is most passionate about using her experience to help mentor others. Over the past year, she mentored over 25 peers through various programs and organizations and is slated to mentor many more throughout her final academic year. During her time at UH, Candace has earned an ELASP certificate, TBUBS scholarship, summer internships, participated in research projects, maintained excellent grades (all A's), joined a student org (SPO), and obtained an officer position with the Energy Coalition. Candace does all this while focusing on her most important role, being a devoted mother and wife.

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