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Pascal Bakari

Vice Chair Design

Major: Industrial Design

Pascal Bakari is a transfer Industrial Design student at the College of Architecture and Design. He transferred to UH from North Lake College in Dallas, TX, where he served as President of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. While there, he led an undergraduate research project on Air Quality that was published in the 2018 edition of the Civic Scholar Journal and earned him international recognition with the Honor Society’s Distinguished Officer Award. 

Pascal spent most of his childhood in Burundi (East Africa), where he interacted with diverse groups of people and learned how they culturally navigate through life. He studied Ethnocentrism & Human Rights in Salzburg, Austria and Dachau, Germany. He believes that living and studying abroad led to his early passion for design and gave him a new appreciation for diverse cultures. His passion for design brought him to UH, where he is a member of the Student Industrial Design Society of America. As a member of the Energy Coalition Board, he’s enthusiastic about crafting meaningful designs to advocate and help fellow Coogs connect with EC across the UH community.

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