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Rawand Hwayyiz

Vice Chair of Sustainability

Supply Chain Management

Working towards his undergraduate degree in Supply Chain Management, Rawand Hwayyiz joined the Energy Coalition to further UH’s position as the energy capitol of the world and to get the word out about the organization. Ever since he was in high school, Rawand has had a passion for writing and logistics management, deciding to go into supply chain management to fulfill both. After winning a writing competition organized by UH Energy, he joined the Energy Coalition to help produce a newsletter using his writing skills and be the face of sustainability within the organization. Rawand is big on environmentalism and sustainability, trying to learn as much as possible about the future of clean energy and the energy transition. He loves to read, write, and watch anything to do with horror and fiction media in his free time. He hopes to one day be able to say he is a published author, wanting to share his stories and ideas with the world.

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