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Misbah Virani

Vice Chair of Corporate Relations


Misbah Virani is a student at the University of Houston, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in finance through Bauer College of Business. She is set to graduate in December 2023. 

Through her continuous exposure to the Energy Coalition and UH Energy, Misbah has developed a strong interest in the energy industry. She recognized the potential for aligning her interests with her finance degree and pursued a Global Energy Management (GEM) track in finance. 

As a student, Misbah has expanded her skills and knowledge by earning certificates in ELASP (Emerging Leaders Academic Success Program) and TBLCP (Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program). She has also earned a scholarship for Academic Excellence and from the Finance Association where she holds a position as Director of Operations. Additionally, Misbah serves as Vice Chair of Corporate Relations at the Energy Coalition. She hopes to use her education and experience to make meaningful contributions in the finance and energy industries in the future. 

Outside of work and school, Misbah enjoys playing tennis, table tennis, and competitively plays throwball. She also enjoys giving back to her community through the involvement in Girl Scouts and volunteering at the Houston Food Bank. Lastly, she hopes that she can use her skills and experience to accelerate in her career and help others do the same.

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