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Chrystelle Esma

Vice Chair of Marketing

Management Information Systems & Finance

Chrystelle is a junior in the UH Bauer College of Business double-majoring in Management Information Systems & Finance, with a specialty track in Global Energy Management. In school, Chrystelle is the spring '24 Vice Chair of Marketing for the University of Houston Energy Coalition alongside a spring '24 mentor for the UH Asian Business Student Association, promoting student involvement for the energy industry, and guiding her mentees through professional and academic guidance. She is also a part of the JAVA and database committee at the management information systems student organization, focusing on developing technical skills for herself, and for other students. Currently, Chrystelle is a sustainability intern in the university where she self-directs project "Waste-Not", a program that aims towards decreasing waste and carbon emission within the food industry. Here she is responsible for collecting and tracking data to find sustainable practices to implement to on-site workers. Dedicated to reducing business production costs, company supply chain , and decrease environmental impact, she strives to improve sustainability efforts within the school. Recently, Chrystelle accepted an Internal Auditing internship at Calpine Corporation, an electrical power generation company based in Houston, and will be working for the summer of '24. Committed to making strides toward advancing energy sustainability and efficiency, she embodies her dedication with each endeavor.

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