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الأربعاء، ٢٤ نيسان


Hilton Hotel, University of Houston

Energy Banquet

This edition will bring together people from different sectors of the energy world (industry to academia) to share ideas on current trends in the industry over food in a formal setting. Be sure to attend and participate in a quiz bowl competition with a prize pool of $1000. Tickets are FREE!

Energy Banquet
Energy Banquet

الوقت والموقع

٢٤ نيسان ٢٠٢٤، ٥:٣٠ م – ٨:٣٠ م

Hilton Hotel, University of Houston, 4450 University Dr, Houston, TX 77204, USA


  • Free entry

    ٠٫٠٠ US$


٠٫٠٠ US$

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