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Pranjal Sheth

Vice Chair of Finance


Pranjal Sheth is a junior in Bauer Honors at University of Houston. Pranjal worked for Hastings Equity Partners, a private equity firm in their industries and PUI division from 2022-2023 and spent his 2023 summer working for Mizuho Securities on their PUI division as an investment banking analyst.

He currently serves as a Senior TEX-E Fellow for MIT and Greentown Labs to help encourage energy entrepreneurship; as well as an executive officer for Bayou Capital Group, an undergraduate investment fund helping facilitate pitch competitions, and educational seminars for analysts.

Pranjal has a passion for energy finance, and aims to engage within it as much as possible.

In his free time, he loves playing tennis, swimming, meeting new people, going to new places, volunteering, and hanging out with friends.

After all of his experiences facilitated by the University of Houston, he is passionate about uplifting others through advising/mentoring and placing other students in professional positions available in his network, ultimately making UH a better campus.

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