Associated Builders and Contractors

We are a component of the national ABC organization which lobbies for construction regulations, provides scholarships to students and participates in fundraisers and socials to benefit students. Keeping with the spirit of our parent organization, our student chapter offers professional networking and the opportunity to learn about the different construction companies. Many of our volunteer opportunities and social events result in offers for internships and full time positions. Through our organization many students have received scholarships from our parent organization, the ABC, and the sponsorship of companies. The University of Houston ABC Student Chapter is actively involved in the lives of our cougar members and partakes in football tailgates and frontier fiesta. We have a membership fee of $55, which is collected along with your student information. That due provides a student membership to both ABC and AGC, as well as the new WCA student chapter, for one year and allows you to attend all of our events. We look forward to your continued involvement with our organization!

The mission of The Associated Builders and Contractors of America (ABC) Student Chapters is to promote excellence in construction education, training, and practice. ABC is a special interests organization located in the University of Houston’s College of Technology. ABC strives to integrate the construction industry and academia in an environment that will allow the builders of tomorrow to master the art of construction. ABC will work to establish channels of communication with any organization of company that seeks to bridge together students and professionals. ABC is symbolic of a strong foundation of elite students promoting construction management within the scope of Houston and regions beyond.