Supply Chain Student Association

The Bauer Supply Chain Student Association (Bauer SCSA) focuses on educational and professional development of Supply Chain Management students at the University of Houston. The organization was created to form a community of students striving to pursue a successful career within Supply Chain. We provide our members with tools to be successful through workshops, community service events, professional dinner meetings, power luncheons, networking with professional societies and more. SCSA continually works to create opportunities for students to succeed and welcomes companies and outside professional organizations to experience what Bauer SCSA has to offer.

The mission of the Bauer Supply Chain Student Association is to enhance the professional development of our members and promote their career opportunities across a broad range of Supply Chain Industries including Medical, Technology, Logistics, Operation, Procurement etc.

The Bauer Supply Chain Student Association is dedicated to excellence in fostering and disseminating knowledge pertinent to our members' personal and professional development