The Finance Association


We are the Finance Association (FA). We were founded in 1982, making us one of Bauer's most established organizations. We are currently made up of over 200 members coming from multiple cultural, social, academic, and professional backgrounds which has lead FA to become a leading organization in Bauer. 

Our Mission

We focus on helping each of our student members improve and perfect their personal and professional networking skills through company information sessions, workshops, competitions, and sporting events. By building corporate partnerships within the Houston business community, our members have access to the knowledge, insight, and the network they need to achieve personal and professional success.

Why Us?

he Finance Association at the University of Houston has been dedicated to both our members and the community we reside in since 1982. Our goal is to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with both large and small business entities. Partnerships with valued companies will give our members the ultimate advantage during their interview and job search process.

e also believe in helping others as well as ourselves. We continue the Finance Association tradition of taking part in meaningful community service such as; providing dinners to less fortunate families, and raising funds to donate to charitable organizations.

Why You?

The Finance Association at the University of Houston admits new members at the beginning of every semester. We are constantly seeking active individuals from any major who have a desire to learn more about the financial industry, are hardworking, and are self-motivated.

ur success is dependent on bringing together a diverse group of students with different majors, backgrounds, and dreams. Our organization continues to grow each semester and we encourage you to be a part of that growth.