Bauer MBA - Energy Club

Welcome to the Bauer MBA Society! Our organization is committed to bridging the gap between the classroom and the board room through multiple programs catered to meet the needs of the talented and diverse student body at Bauer.

Well situated in the Energy Nexus of Houston, the Energy Club seeks to connect our students with the companies and personalities existing in the Industry at large. We actively seek out and correspond with Energy Industry professionals with the hope to gain greater insight through their patronage.

Throughout the course of our leadership, club participants can expect to attend the following events from our organization:

  • Conferences, Speakers, and Panels
  • Company and Site Visits
  • Recruitment Events and Seminars
  • Networking, Charity, and Social Events

Our goals:

Increase awareness and knowledge of the industry through event organization.
Create a strong network of committed, like-minded club members, and to align the club with the industry at large.
Provide club members with career opportunities, whether to transition into the industry or to assume a new role.