Asian Business Student Association


The Asian Business Student Association was founded by a group of former officers of various reputable University of Houston organizations (i.e. Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Society,  Finance Association, MISSO, etc.) with the shared goal of providing guidance to the Asian-American community within the Bauer College of Business and the University of Houston.
Our initiative began with a shared dream of fostering a community that would provide the resources necessary to enable students to become active leaders within their community not only academically and socially, but also professionally.

The Asian Business Student Association at the University of Houston is the premier professional student organization founded on the principles of professionalism and philanthropy. Our mission is to provide guidance to our members as they integrate themselves into the corporate world by exposing them to various industries and career opportunities. Our corporate sponsorships allow us to host various workshops and events that develop our members into strong candidates for internship and career opportunities.
Although our main purpose is to help young Asian-Americans integrate themselves into America’s corporate culture, we value diversity and welcome all ethnicities. We continually strive to foster an environment of networking and provide our members with a sense of camaraderie and community in the University of Houston.

We aim to assist the Asian community within the University of Houston as well as the International business students studying abroad international from Asia adjust to the university life and integrate them into the American business culture. We envision that our network of Asian-American business student will encourage future generations to find their paths to successful careers.