Farah Luba


vice chair for student organization relations

Major: Electrical Engineering

Email: ec.uh.studentorgrelations@gmail.com

Farah D Luba is currently a junior in Electrical engineering with a concentration on power and renewable energy. She is expecting to graduate in 2019. Farah has been serving as the Director of Engineering relations for Energy Association and starting Fall 2017. She will be serving as the President of UH Energy Association. She is also working as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the engineering First Year Experience program.
In future Farah would like to work on a program or research that focuses on producing and increasing the efficiency of clean and renewable energy. Also, it is one of her dreams to apply my knowledge on clean energy to invent a system that would allow the under privileged population of this world to have access to affordable energy solutions. 
Farah’s position is vice chair of student organization relations, and her role is to keep strong ties with member organizations, invite more energy related student organizations to join EC and work as a bridge between EC and the member organizations.
Farah a performer, she loves singing and has performed in several ethnic cultural programs. On free time she likes reading mangas and watching anime.