Benjamin Emley


vice chair for corporate relations

Major: Materials Science and Engineering


Mr. Benjamin Emley is a Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Houston and is expected to graduate Spring 2019.  Mr. Emley is an experienced fuel cell scientist and entrepreneur who has been part of several fuel cell start-ups prior to entering the University of Houston.  Mr. Emley has been a key founder and has helped to raise over $150M in private and grant funding investments to help make more marketable fuel cell products and to promote energy sustainability.  Mr. Emley’s passion is chemistry of energy focused materials and inspiring young minds to think about alternative energy differently.  Mr. Emley’s impact on the fuel cell industry has and will continue help reshape the fundamental understanding and marketability of fuel cells and to provide better tools and methods to grow disruptive energy technologies. 

Mr. Emley is the Vice Chair of Corporate Relations of the Energy Coalition and wants to help build bigger stronger bridges between the Houston community and the University of Houston to draw out the maximum value of these relationships.  Mr. Emley is also an avid runner and just recently completed running a marathon in every state including Washington DC.