Our Alumni


Mark Williams

Mark Williams graduated Spring 2017 with a Masters of Science Industrial Design from the University of Houston. He held the Vice Chair of Design position for the Energy Coalition. Mark has stated that EC has taught him the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration as a means for innovation and changing the world around us. He has helped the Energy Coalition by bringing a different world view, military experience, and his knowledge of design to the table. His hobbies include dance, photography, and is in love with the sport of Rugby - he became the captain of the UH Rugby Team. His career goals include becoming the Mayor of Houston with an end goal of becoming Governor or Lt. Governor of Texas in order to redesign and truly innovate the Education System in Texas.

Do what makes you happy without getting in the way of others happiness. If you can help others along the way, then you have lived a life worth living. Smile often, Dance, Sing; make life an adventure you would not mind reading about.  
-Mark Williams