UH Energy Recruiter Appreciation Lunch and Career Fair!


Are you looking for talent with an interest and passion for the Energy Sector ?

Then, we invite to register and attend the UH Energy Recruiter Appreciation Lunch and Career Fair!

Hosted by: UH Energy Coalition and University Career Services (UCS)

Registration is FREE and includes: An exclusive recruiter appreciation luncheon with top student leaders from UH Energy Coalition (over 25 student leader representatives from multiple majors) will be in attendance. 

Majors invited to this event include:  Engineering, Business, Technology, Liberal Arts, Natural Science and Mathematics and Architecture!

Parking validations for two company representatives will be provided.

Deadline to register is September 13, 2016

We, the Energy Coalition, are a conglomerate of the energy related student organizations on campus. We cover several colleges and disciplines such as Engineering, Geoscience, Technology, Business, Architecture, Liberal Arts, and more. We are the Organization that embraces our location in the energy capital of the world from a student organization standpoint. 

The UH Energy Career Fair will have Energy Coalition members participating from all over the university. We will have students in one central location and it is FREE for your company to attend. Moreover, because we unite several student organizations, we will have the top leaders from various organizations participating, which will help your company in finding those highly sought after students with leadership experience.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We hope to see you there!

Miriam Haddad (ec.uh.getpm@gmail.com) - she is the Vice Chair of General Events Team Project Manager and has been coordinating the career fair together with the University of Houston Career Service.

Monica Thompson (mthomps3@central.uh.edu) - She works for the University of Houston Career Service and has been helping us on managing the event. 

Kyndall Semones (ec.uh.vccorprelations@gmail.com) - she is the Vice Chair of Corporate Relations and can answer general questions about the event.

Phillip Jefferson (ec.uh.chair@gmail.com) - he is the Chair of Energy Coalition and can also answer general questions about the event.